Monday, 27 September 2010

Incoming Baby Scan Pics!

If you need explanation after that title I shake my head at you.........

P.S. Jacqui scanned them on the huh, blame her :)

What is the blog coming to..... ?

See what happens when I give Jacqui access to the blog and some free will. She posts interesting things in a structured and well written manner. I will have to remove one of the aforementioned abilities from her forthwith.

So what have I been up to while she's been gardening and stuff. Fillums, that's what.

First and foremost The Expendables. All the 80's action heroes minus van Damme attacking some South American dictator along with nefarious US interference. Good film, loads of action, probably not one for the more delicate amongst you. Anyone who remembers Rambo or Predator with affection should give it a look.

Next is Kick Ass, a human hero film about a normal teenager who decides to dress up as a super hero and do some good. Another good film, based on a cool comic, suprisingly violent. The source of the violence was the biggest surprise for me. Once again the violence is quite bloody and should be avoided if that bothers you but Jacqui managed to sit through it with me, she did not fall asleep and even confessed to enjoying it.

I'll probably add some more soonish, back to baby stuff now.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Bountiful(ish) harvest

This year, our company turned a plot of grass behind the office into approximately 20 small allotments for employees.

I was lucky enough to get a plot, and had a go at growing some vegetables. It was a bit of a pilot for everyone as there is quite a significant population of gophers and snowshoe hares in the neighbourhood which while very cute, seemed to have a penchant for certain vegetables, especially my beans.

However, despite a few teething problems I got a reasonable harvest of potatoes, carrots, courgettes and a couple of tomatoes before the frosts hit last week, so I was quite pleased.

Room decorated, just add baby...

...and a cot, and a changing table, and a chest of drawers...

We are slowly getting ready for forthcoming events, and even managed to decorate the room next to our bedroom as a nursery, with a very cute farmyard border I found in B&Q. We now just have to get some furniture.

Nuptials in England

Sorry, I've been a bit slow in updating the blog. Congratulations to my sister Carolyn and her fiance Alun who tied the knot, back in August. It was a wonderful day in Ealing and I'm so pleased I was able to make it.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Sickness and Generosity in St. Albert

Well this week has been an interesting mixture of good and annoying. Let's start with the bad, I've had an evil monkey of a cold since last Friday and today's the first day that I feel back to normal. It's been sitting on my chest like a dirty euphemism and although I haven't been coughing much, when I do it hurts. I've even been missing my daily walks, although the temperature has taken a hit, -3 this morning.

And now the good, and it was a nice lump of good. On Wednesday Jacqui was thrown a baby shower at work. Mostly a north American thing but it's normally work colleagues & friends giving presents in preparation for the new baby. What we weren't ready for was the amount of stuff and the generosity of the people. Jacqui works at a small company of around 200 people and she came home with four huge bags of stuff and a bunch of gift vouchers. This will help us with the necessary purchases no doubt.
Which reminds me. We have to also thank all the other people who have given and lent us baby stuff, we have a lot of toys, clothes and equipment now, all of which we would have had to buy.

In balance, a good week, the generosity and helpfulness has far outweighed one cold :)

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Baby List

This is pretty much for our families back in the UK/France and no pressure is intended for anyone. As the baby is coming around Christmas and with both our birthdays in that area we would more than welcome something to help us out with the baby if you'd like to get us that instead. If you'd like to get us something for both then that would be even better :)

As you all know a baby will soon be with us and we're starting to get the stuff together to cope with this ordeal/joyous event. And as we're a long way away we thought we'd give people the option of getting something for the baby online. Being British it seems like a strange thing to do, but if you'd like to do this then that would be great.

Our baby list is at Sears and we'll probably be adding more things as we become more informed. When you click on the link, select search for a registry and enter my name.

We would ask that you try and get things fairly soon if your going to, just in case the little blighter's early. I'll take things off the list as we get them.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Football? FOOTBALL!!!

Huzzah, I shall be playing my first game of footie for about 6 months next week. I'm hoping not to get injured, but I've decided not to let that fear stop me. A twisted ankle will go away eventually and I can still walk with one anyway.

The opponents will be the mighty Epcor and the team I will be honouring with my presence will be ISL, or Jacqui's work as they're also known. I will of course report back on the game and list all of my wonderful contributions in exquisite/mind numbing detail. That could mean a long post, but is more likely to mean a short angry one :)

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Baby Training

We`ve now attended 4 whole prenatal classes and our knowledge regarding small people has grown exponentially. We have covered labour, natural birth, assisted births and feeding. I have also been rudely informed that there is a role for me in this process which does not involve keeping away from the evil sociopath that I believe Jacqui will become. So my fragile mind is partially filled with breathing methods, distraction techniques and many, many other levels of responsibility previously not attained.

I have to admit that these prenatal classes are giving us both lots of information and making us face up to the reallity of what will happen and how we can deal with it. This is helping us get things done and get as ready as we can for the day of the baby.

One unrelated note, this exercise is tiring me out. This morning was a real strain just getting up and going on the normal walk. I know this is a good thing and I`m pleased that I managed to do it but that did not make it any easier :)

Friday, 3 September 2010


I'm sorry if all the exercise posts are getting boring but they are good therapy for me. On that note, today I did a session at the gym then walked home, very tiring but worthwhile. By the week after next I hope to be able to walk to the gym, do a session then walk home, I think that's a challenge but you have to have challenges :)

Other than that our prenatal classes progress, getting on better with some of the other pupils now, and Jacqui got some practice with a baby during the week.
We're also getting some of the details sorted out for when baby comes along, lots of little financial things to take note of and things to obtain.