Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Chip of the Old Bastard

That Daniel kid impressed us at the weekend, while also being a snarky little bleeder.

We were at the park and he was being stroppy and not listening. Then he tried to jump off something and manages to smack himself.

Being the understanding and patient parent that I am I said 'That was a stupid thing to do wasn't it?' I followed this up by almost falling over a mushroom thing, but obviously in a classy way.

With impeccable timing Grumpy Dan said 'That was a stupid thing to do as well'. I managed to keep my angry face but Jacqui was almost crying.

Next day I told my friend Mary Ann, she laughed, Jacqui told her family, they laughed. It has been decreed that this was funny.
Touché Dan, touché.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Spoggle Update

Hello everyone, sorry for not posting earlier but I've been distracted.

Things are mostly going well here. I'm back to a weight loss plan. Dan is doing well now. And Jacqui is doing three lots of work.

January was crappy for colds and stuff, and the unseasonably warm weather has caused epidemic level allergies and coughs. But! Things are improving.

We have hit upon a formula to help Dan enjoy his skating, he doesn't like the lack of control so we're making things easier. Also Jacqui and I have both started to learn to skate.

Jacqui has exercise every Thursday at work, and then she's doing trampoline aerobics on Monday nights.
I'm making sure that I hit my 10k steps per day target and I'm getting to the gym three times a week.

And finally here are some pictures of the boy freshly crafted over breakfast this morning :)

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

First Gym Session of the Year and it felt fine !

Good work KJ suggesting the gym tonight and then bringing the whole clan :)

First time ever that I came out feeling energized and not whimpering.

If anyone else is interested
, personally I'm aiming to be there Wednesday and Friday 6:30pm and most Sundays around 9:30.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

CN Christmas Train Pt 2

And here are the rest of the pics.  Dan really enjoyed himself and while all the little ones were getting tired on the way back, he even survived a brush with santa.  Only taken 5 years for the fear to go away :)

Being a conductor isn't sll it's cracked up to be.

Fear of the bearded man conquered.

The engine in all its glory.   Complete with comedy nose....

Me and Dan napping apparently.

CN Christmas train Part 1

Mew friends of ours and Daniel invited us to join them for the CN Christmas train for the first time this year and we had a great afternoon.  We turned up and had a hot chocolate then found our seats on the train.  We rumbled out around 4:30 and our journey took us from Edmonton up to St. Albert and back again.

Dan with the most excited person there :)

Purdy sunset.

Dan with his amazingly photogenic friend William.

Bubbly and scary gumdrop the elf.

Dan got hold of the conductor's utility vest and he was a very happy boy.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

And up go the decorations.

Well it's almost December and we have a child so decorations have spontaneously appeared in and outside our house.  I did the heavy lifting and now Jacqui and Dan are sticking the pretty bits on as appropriate.